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Prevent and Protect With Mosquito Squad of Fort Wayne

We all love being outside, enjoying barbeques, the pool and other outdoor activities in and around Allen County. But when mosquitoes are a constant annoyance, it can make it hard to enjoy those nice summer days. Not only are they annoying, mosquitoes and ticks can cause serious, potentially fatal health risks by spreading various vector and tickborne diseases such as Zika virus, West Nile and Lyme Disease.

Prevent and Protect

These annoying biting insects are breeding more rapidly and in larger numbers each year, resulting in both increased populations and an increased need to effectively prevent them from spreading. Avoiding the outdoors altogether is not a viable option, and as mosquito populations continue rising, we need to be proactive about taking actions to prevent disease. Repellent is no longer enough when the goal is keeping mosquito populations as low as possible. This is done by attacking the problem at its very source.

Mosquito control services like Mosquito Squad of Fort Wayne employ a variety of methods such as using a traditional barrier spray that attacks the mosquito’s life source in places where insects hide and reproduce, decreasing local populations by 80-90%.

Mosquito Squad of Fort Wayne also offers even more superior, long-lasting protection by installing an Automatic Misting System. Similar to how the grass in your yard must be continuously watered to keep it looking nice, mosquito control doesn’t just happen with a one time treatment of your environment. It takes continual effort which can be automated to your convenience; the Automatic Misting System is programmed to treat your yard with a half-minute spray up to four times a day, only spraying at hours of peak mosquito activity. Imagine having a professional mosquito exterminator on your property 24/7; with Mosquito Squad of Fort Wayne’s services you can have just that.

Choose to prevent. Choose to protect. Seizing control of your environment is only a mere phone call away. The Mosquito Squad experts want to put you and your family on the winning side of the battle against mosquitoes.

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