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Mosquito Barrier Control in Fort Wayne

Mosquito Barrier Control

When you think mosquitoes, what comes to mind? The irritating buzz that has you slapping your wrist all day long and disturbing your nightly beauty sleep? These annoying tiny insects can also be carriers and transmitters of diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and Encephalitis, which can be fatal.

At Mosquito Squad of Fort Wayne, we know this all too well, and we are determined to keep you and your family safe from these potentially dangerous diseases as well as any other fun-robbing insects without you having to lather up repellants every few hours.

Our barrier protection:

We have a barrier protection spray program that effectively creates a barrier between your family and the hazardous mosquitoes and ticks. We treat your property for any areas that favor the breeding of mosquitoes. Our professional applicants will come to your home and spray the solution that will form an invisible barrier around your property.

Duration of barrier effectiveness and re-application:

The barrier protection spray is effective for up to 21 days from application. For maximum and consistent protection throughout the season, we recommend a re-application every three weeks. We will send you reminders when you are due for re-application and you do not have to be home for the re-application. We can leave a note letting you know we were there, and we did our job.

Guarantee of quality:

We guarantee quality services at all times. If our services are not satisfactory, we re-do the application of the barrier solution to your satisfaction.

Choose to keep your family safe from disease. Get out and enjoy the sun and the outdoors as you should; mosquito-free. Call Mosquito Squad of Fort Wayne today at (260) 444-2679.

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