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Fort Wayne Tick Control

Ticks are more than just annoying pests. Ticks can often transmit serious diseases, and our clients rely on us for the most effective protection around.

When it comes to the prevention of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses, Mosquito Squad of Fort Wayne is committed to the control and elimination of ticks in your yard.

Lurking Danger

Several tick species are found in the Fort Wayne area. Many are capable of transmitting potentially dangerous diseases to humans and pets.

  • The black-legged tick can transmits Lyme Disease, which can lead to permanent conditions such as arthritis and neurological disorders.
  • Black-legged ticks can also carry Babesiosis pathogens, which cause a flu-like illness in humans, sometimes leading to jaundice.
  • American dog ticks, Indiana’s largest tick species, can spread Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Though the symptoms start out as flu-like, it can progress to serious joint and stomach pain, as well as rashes.
  • The lone star tick can be associated with Ehrlichiosis. This illness progresses from fatigue and muscle aches to mental confusion and serious digestive problems, among other issues.
  • Several tick species — including the American dog tick, the lone star tick and the wood tick — can spread Tularemia. This ailment starts as a wound at the area of the bite, and progresses to swollen lymph nodes.
  • We Can Help

    Mosquito Squad of Fort Wayne provides a multi-system approach to tick control. By tackling the tick problem with more than one method, our technicians target both nymph-stage and adult populations of the pests.

    Our barrier spray treatment kills adult ticks and mosquitoes, on contact, for up to 21 days. The Mosquito Squad of Fort Wayne team is trained to apply the treatment in areas most likely to harbor mosquitoes and adult ticks.

    In addition, our technicians place treated tick tubes in key spots on your property. Our biodegradable tick tubes work by providing nesting mice — a primary blood source for emerging ticks — with a specially-treated cotton material.

    When hatching ticks feed upon mice, which have been nesting with tick tube material, the ticks are eliminated.

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