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Zika Virus Prevention and Protection

You may have heard about the Zika virus, a mosquito borne illness from South America. Although there are no known Zika infected mosquitoes currently in the U.S., the mosquito species that can carry the disease is active in many areas of the United States. Because of this, protection and prevention from mosquitoes, and the potentially dangerous viruses they can carry, is crucial this season!

Zika Virus Effects

The main threat of the Zika virus is to pregnant women, and their unborn child, which poses a risk of birth defects to the fetus. However, anyone bitten by an infected mosquito may become feverish, develop a rash, have headaches and joint pains. Although generally mild, the uncomfortable symptoms may persist for several days.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Prevention starts by making sure everyone is protected with an insect repellant whenever they go out doors. There are many water and perspiration-resistant mosquito repellents available, some organic and natural and some made especially for kids. However the most effective types use a substance called DEET. The higher the DEET content, the greater and longer the protective factor.

Mosquitoes need water for their larvae, so search for and remove standing water on your property in items such as tires, buckets, tarps or anywhere else water may accumulate. Piles of dead leaves or grass clippings have the potential to allow water pooling in them, also making a perfect haven for mosquito larvae to flourish. Checking your rain gutters to make sure they are draining properly can help avoid mosquitoes too. A small amount of water left over in a rain gutter is plenty for a mosquito to breed in.

Although the mentioned prevention methods are great, the best prevention you can do for your family is hiring a mosquito control company to treat your property. Mosquito Squad of Fort Wayne will treat your yard with our mosquito barrier control that will eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes for 21 days. For season-long protection against mosquitoes and their potentially harmful effects, we will come back every 3 weeks to keep the barrier treatment active and effective all season long.

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